Get Over You by Skylar Hunter

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A Marvelous Read!

I CONSUMED this book! Reyes was just PERFECT! Like the WHOLE PACKAGE and a total SWOON! Emerson is a kickass character…just a marvelous read!

Karja, Goodreads Reviewer

This Story Has Everything!

Skylar Hunter has a way of taking a story we’ve all read before and making it fresh and new. She keeps you guessing and draws you in. This story has everything it’s supposed to including plenty of blushworthy scenes!

Sandie, Goodreads Reviewer

Blown Away!

I am obsessed with Reyes and Emerson! I laughed and cried and am just absolutely blown away by how amazing it is. Keep an eye out for this author!

Natasha, Goodreads Reviewer

Holy Hotness!

Reyes is officially my new book boyfriend! Holy hotness, I needed a cold shower! To say that I loved this book is an understatement.

Curl Up With Books

I Definitely Recommend!

The story was full of emotion, with steamy sex, twists and turns and at times full of angst…Unpredictable but brilliant. A thoroughly enjoyable read that I would definitely recommend.

Rachel, Bookstagram Blogger

Five Stars!

Completely touching and utterly heartwarming, this is a wonderful book from a new up-and-coming author. Five stars and a championship ring



Holy Reyes and Emerson. This book was amazing. Chemistry was off the charts, there was drama and lots of twists and turns. Great read!

Kelly, Goodreads Reviewer

Can’t Wait for More!

This book was full of twists and turns, something that we rarely find in contemporary romance! The storyline was perfect and I loved the chemistry between the main characters! I am personally addicted to this series and can’t wait for more!

Abstract Books

Ticked All of My Boxes!

Get Over You blew me away. This book ticked all of my boxes, it felt real and I connected with the characters. I loved the story, I loved the chemistry and I was left wanting more.

Jackie, Goodreads Reviewer

Intrigue and Drama!

Reyes and Emerson have off-the-charts chemistry. Hunter does a fabulous job of detailing Reyes and Emerson’s second chance at love, but there are also several plot twists that add intrigue and drama to keep the reader engaged.

Fiona, Goodreads Reviewer